Football Pathways – FAI

As part of the FAI’s four year strategy from 2022-2025, Nurturing Football Pathways for All is one of our key strategic pillars and to this end, we embarked on a consultation process from May 2023 to January 2024, with the goal of developing a new Football Pathways Plan for the whole game of football in Ireland that will enhance pathways for all players to achieve their full potential.

Follow the consultation period, we have developed an overall Football Pathways Plan based on the feedback from phase 1 consultations. We now want to go back out to the football community to collaborate and consult on the detail of the strategy plan and develop the key areas into action plans.
Those involved in football development are encouraged to attend their regional consultation workshop and share their thoughts and insights. We want to get as much feedback as possible before the plan is launched and we want everyone involved in football to be part of the conversation.

Full details of the consultation workshops including dates, times and venues are included in the link below

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