Survey Reminder

For those teams who have not yet submitted their ‘Survey Report’ The ‘Link for Survey Monkeys is listed below.

To date we have received 475 surveys across ages u8 to u11…Boys/Girls.

Please note that those teams who do not return their Survey Report can’t go back to the ‘Relevant DDSL Fixture’ Sec complaining or looking to change Divisions …once issued for the 2nd half of the season……if they haven’t provided the ‘Relevant DDSL Fix Secretaries’ with their survey & updated information.

Results returned for any u11’s will also assist the fixture Secretaries in allocating the teams to the correct Divisions to ensure the standard is similar in all Divisions.

Closing date for ‘Survey returns’ is next Monday 4th December at 10pm. This will give time to the DDSL Fix Secretaries to re-grade the different teams/divisions.