Important Club Information

Dear Club Secretary,

We are writing to all clubs in relation to the season coming to an end and more importantly starting the preparations for next season to allow clubs plan accordingly !

Thank You

Thank you to all clubs, secretaries, managers, volunteers for all the time you have given (which often goes unnoticed ) to your club and indeed the league and on behalf of everyone in the DDSL it is appreciated.


We have made considerable improvements this season and are continuing our strategy to ensure the children’s needs become the priority in our vision going forward. It is of course a massive undertaking when you have over 130 clubs,2900 teams and 50,000 players and volunteers to get organised for 2024/25.


Cup finals

We were delighted with showcase finals and thank those aa of who organised and helped produce very successful event and we have no doubt we created many memories for all involved especially the players.


The exposure on social media by the league and clubs really sent an excellent profile of how good football is in the Capital and what it means to all of us.


Remaining Games & Results

Clubs are reminded they are expected to play games, especially if it affects the outcomes of a league i.e. Relegation/Promotion/Winners/Runners up and are also reminded of the rules governing walk overs/double fines etc.


Clubs are also asked to send any results (Current & outstanding) to    ASAP and immediately after games.


League Presentations

We have set the weekend of Sat 15th/Sun 16th of June to present all League Winners/Runners Up medals in Abbottstown .The format will be as last year ,where the Manager & Captain will come for an official photo call and receive their teams’ medals.


Club will be offered time slots as we have over 220 teams to present to. More detail to follow over the coming days with Mick, Edwina and Vikki assisting here.


Respect Campaign

The league will be introducing a whole range of changes in this area ,following a number of successful pilots such as; 1 min Freeze for abuse to refs, starting/finishing game routines, Match & Club signage, Captains roles in teams, all with the focus that players will teach the adults!


After all this is Childrens game not the adults….. it’s the least they deserve and should not be exposed to seeing sideline behaviour  of responsible Adults ! We all have a responsibility to build the next generation and lead by example…….. which means Respect and Zero Tolerance in life not just sport.


Expressions of interest for Next Season

This has been going on for the last 2 months and now opens for Existing clubs/teams  in the DDSL from June 1st. All clubs will receive details over the coming days ,so it is really important that clubs contact details are up to date on the Fusion system.


Updated insurance certs, Club contact info, no of teams entered is all part of this process. This season  will see the appointed manager by clubs included in the team panels of all clubs. Be warned there are very strict deadlines and closing dates to be observed.


EOI’s will not be processed where any fines/fees are outstanding to the league for the 23/24 season by a club.


Player Registrations

This will open as last year on the 1stAugust with a very quick renewal option for players already on the system .It will allow Parents  update address ,e-mails, club ,contacts, updated Photos (headshots ) and  ID’s subject to approval.. New players will have the same process as last year once they know the club they are joining. Clubs will then have the option to confirm and allocate the player to the relevant team as per rules. Costs will remain as last year. Some clubs may wish to use the system to collect there own membership fees and if interested should contact Sportslomo directly.


Player Recruitment.

It is great to see so many clubs running various events in June, such as Camps, Mini world  cups, Blitzes and the like….which are fully supported by the league ensuring we meet the needs of the players and providing activity etc. We will be encouraging this type of activities next season in the Xmas break and at the seasons end.


It is important to highlight under rules, Trials held by clubs are only permitted in the  Closed month of July and all clubs are reminded of the rules governing Player Movement (DDSL Sect 4 rules 14,15,16 & 17).


Season Start Dates

Please note the league is planned to start back for the 2024/25 season on;

Weekend 31st Aug/1st September          All  Boys 11- a -side teams

Weekend 7th/8th September                  All  Boys 9-a-side and All Girls 11-a-side teams

Weekend 14th/15th September         All Boys and Girls SSG teams.

Older age groups will have some midweek fixtures over the first 2 or 3 weeks.

Clubs need to be ready to start as no cancellations are acceptable .


League, fixtures and results formats

The league is currently reviewing the season calendar and league/fixture formats, regrading over various age groups and will advise in due course. Focus will be on playing as much football as possible for the players (age related of course) and the cancellation

of games will be defined by a new process for the coming season. More to follow.

In Conclusion, again thank you for your help last season and important to start the EOI process now ( )and for other matters should any club need help ,feel free to talk to Mick, Edwina and Vikki who are there to help.


Yours in Sport