The Dublin and District Schoolboys League
Spectator’s Code of Conduct 2018

All spectators at any game/match or in any activity held under the auspices of, The Dublin and District Schoolboys League must:

(a). Respect the decisions of Match Officials and teach children to do the same;

(b). Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, race, colour, religion, language, politics, or ethnic origin;

(c). Refrain from the use of violence in any form physical or verbal, whether against match officials, opposing players, team/club officials, or other spectators;

(d). Not engage in any type of discrimination, harassment or abuse in any form, but no limited too, the use of obscene or offensive language or gestures, the incitement of hatred or violence or partaking in indecent or racist chanting;

(e). Must not enter the field of play or its surrounds without lawful authority of the match officials;

(f). Conduct themselves in a manner that enhances, rather than injures, the reputation and goodwill of The Dublin and District Schoolboys League and football in general;

It is the clubs responsibility to ensure that all spectators behave properly and support the principles of FAIR PLAY/FAIR CONDUCT to ALL involved in football

06/12/2017 15:05