Historic Moment As DDSL Clubforce Cup Welcomes Schoolgirls

Clubforce, the Irish business championing club volunteers and making sport happen in Ireland and UK, is sponsoring the Dublin and District Schoolboys’/Girls’ League (DDSL) Cup Finals 2022.

The DDSL (Clubforce) Cup Finals 2022 are returning to the AUL Complex for the first time since 2018. The event will occur on Friday evening, May 13th, Saturday, May 14th, and Sunday, May 15th. There are a total of sixty-seven finals scheduled over these three days. Among the titles to be won, the DDSL is proud to announce its first-ever DDSL Girls Cup Finals at U11, U12, U13, and U14. This is a recent change but one that is significant in the DDSL’s history. It is the first step by the Dublin league to help retain and nurture schoolgirl football talent.

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06/05/2022 15:05