Greystones Utd Home
U11 Sun Girls Cup (Sun 3 +4)
Sheriff YC 3 - 0 Greystones Utd 19/3
Sheriff YC despatch Greystones Utd.
Sheriff YC won 3-0 against their visitors, Greystones Utd at Aul complex at 11:30 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

20/03/2023 15:08
12 Sun Div 10
Greystones Utd 3 - 0 Knocklyon Utd 19/3
Greystones Utd claim victory against Knocklyon Utd.
10th placed Greystones Utd won 3-0 against their visitors, 6th placed Knocklyon Utd at Woodlands at 10:15 am

Greystones Utd
Form: W L W W L W L L W

Knocklyon Utd
Form: L D L W W D L W L L W W W L L L D

20/03/2023 15:08
15 Sat A1
Greystones Utd 1 - 5 Rathcoole FC 18/3
Greystones Utd despatched by Rathcoole FC.
7th placed Greystones Utd were beaten at home by 9th placed Rathcoole FC at Woodlands at 11:30 am

Greystones Utd are currently on a losing streak of 4 games.
Form: L L L L W D D L L L L W W W L W

Rathcoole FC
Form: W L L L L W W D D L D L D

20/03/2023 15:08
13 Sat A
Greystones Utd 1 - 0 Corduff FC 18/3
Greystones Utd beat Corduff FC.
9th placed Greystones Utd marginally won 1-0 against their visitors, 11th placed Corduff FC at Woodlands at 11:30 am

Greystones Utd
Form: W L W L L L L W D D D D L L

Corduff FC
Form: L L W L W L L D L L D D D L

20/03/2023 15:08
14 Sat Maj
Greystones Utd 0 - 2 St Francis 18/3
Greystones Utd despatched by St Francis.
3rd placed Greystones Utd were beaten at home by League leaders St Francis at Woodlands at 11:30 am

Greystones Utd
Form: L D W L W W D W L W W W D L

St Francis has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W W W W W W W W

20/03/2023 15:08
16 Sat Div 1
Granada FC 5 - 2 Greystones Utd 18/3
Granada FC claim victory against Greystones Utd.
8th placed Granada FC won 5-2 against their visitors, 11th placed Greystones Utd at Meadow Vale at 11:30 am

Granada FC
Form: W W W L L L W L L W L L L L L

Greystones Utd have lost 6 out of 7 away games.
Form: W W L L L L L L L L L L

20/03/2023 15:08
13 Sat Maj
Cherry Orchard 4 - 1 Greystones Utd 18/3
Cherry Orchard take all points from Greystones Utd.
2nd placed Cherry Orchard won 4-1 against their visitors, 9th placed Greystones Utd at Elmdale Cresent at 10:15 am

Cherry Orchard are currently on a winning streak of 4 games.
Form: W W W W L W W W W L D D W L

Greystones Utd
Form: L L L D L L L L L W L D W W

20/03/2023 15:08
12 Sat C
Granada FC 1 - 0 Greystones Utd 18/3
Granada FC despatch Greystones Utd.
4th placed Granada FC marginally won 1-0 against their visitors, 10th placed Greystones Utd at MEADOWVALE at 10:15 am

Granada FC are currently on a winning streak of 7 games.
Form: W W W W W W W L D W L W L W W L

Greystones Utd
Form: L W L L W L L L W W L L D L L L L D L

20/03/2023 15:08
U11 Sat Condron Cup (A & A1)
Greystones Utd 0 - 1 St Joseph's Boys A 18/3
Greystones Utd lose to St Joseph's Boys A.
Greystones Utd were marginally beaten at home by St Joseph's Boys A at Woodlands at 10:15 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

20/03/2023 15:08
U11 Sat Subsidiary Cup (D & D1)
Ardmore Rovers D 0 - 1 Greystones Utd 18/3
Ardmore Rovers D suffer defeat to Greystones Utd.
Ardmore Rovers D were marginally beaten at home by Greystones Utd at Ballywaltrim at 10:15 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

20/03/2023 15:08
12 Sat Maj
Greystones Utd 0 - 1 Home Farm 18/3
Greystones Utd beaten by Home Farm.
3rd placed Greystones Utd were marginally beaten at home by League leaders Home Farm at Woodlands at 10:15 am

Greystones Utd
Form: L W W D D D D W W W

Home Farm are currently on a winning streak of 5 games.They have won 6 out of 7 away games.
Form: W W W W W L W W W W W W L

20/03/2023 15:08
Club Summary
Goals ScoredGoals ConcededClean SheetsRed CardsYellow Cards
1Arthur Griffith Park133362737
2Beechwood FC1236142228
3Greystones Utd153023722
4Crumlin Utd1123121121
5Rathcoole FC122227-515
6Sporting Greystones161838-2015
7Belmont FC111323-109
8St John Bosco121425-119
9Bohemians FC10930-212
1Wayside Celtic1632161633
2Templeogue Utd1630181232
3Shankill FC1435191630
4Leicester Celtic132618827
5Greystones Utd163443-918
6Castleknock Celtic132225-316
7Terenure Rangers132327-414
8Firhouse Carmel121720-313
9Lusk Utd131127-164
10Kilnamanagh AFC121330-174
1Ballyfermot Utd1441172435
2Blessington AFC1438261224
3St John Vianney1031141722
4Manortown Utd132117422
5Dingle Utd112421319
6Collinstown FC113330318
7Greystones Utd162940-1117
8Kilnamanagh AFC132327-414
9Rathcoole FC133235-313
10St Francis132736-912
11Larkview FC12743-361
1St Malachys1347133434
2Castleknock Celtic1429151431
3Greystones Utd1337152229
4Mount Merrion1131102126
5Lakelands FC142633-719
6Celbridge Town173650-1416
7Beech Park101721-413
8Collinstown FC121926-713
9Esker Celtic131929-1013
10Larkview FC142539-1412
11Palmerstown FC81214-29
12St Kevin's Boys11235-330
1Howth Celtic1755302539
2Greystones Utd1646192736
3Leixlip Utd1455272831
4Portmarnock AFC174438631
5Celbridge Town173932729
6Castleknock Celtic132627-118
7Hartstown Huntstown143134-317
8St Francis141933-1413
9Arthur Griffith Park142244-2213
10St Mochtas142136-1511
11Killegland AFC132032-129
12Leicester Celtic132349-265
1Ballyoulster Utd1137132431
2Cherry Orchard1429141529
3St Joseph's Boys1133122128
4Finglas Celtic1028141420
5Peamount Utd121115-416
6Home Farm142027-716
7Esker Celtic121921-215
8Ardmore Rovers111923-412
9Greystones Utd141633-1711
10Park Celtic7139410
11Beechwood FC131630-148
12Howth Celtic131141-305
1Howth Celtic1559213840
3Cabinteely FC1760431732
4Trinity Donaghmede1448272130
5Drumcondra AFC164343020
6Clontarf FC163839-120
7Harold's Cross102829-116
8Lakelands FC153438-416
9Dundrum FC154457-1313
10Wayside Celtic162453-2912
11Beech Park112533-810
12Greystones Utd162064-441
1Knocklyon Utd1779116848
2Ballyoulster Utd136175439
3Howth Celtic1549311834
4Terenure Rangers1541311031
5Swords Celtic1335221324
6Harold's Cross134035522
7St Mochtas153952-1316
8Granada FC153760-2315
9Ballybrack FC122840-1212
10Glasnevin FC101730-139
11Greystones Utd121651-356
12Ballyfermot Utd22779-720
1St Mochtas1536211532
2St Malachys1235161928
3Crumlin Utd1333191426
4Leicester Celtic153329424
5Drogheda Boys1033122123
6Rathcoole FC1431201123
7Stella Maris162930-123
8Templeogue Utd101914517
9Greystones Utd141627-1113
10Bohemians FC143252-2013
11Corduff FC142740-1310
12Castleknock Celtic111230-188
13Lucan Utd12834-262
1Oliver Bond Celtic1679255448
2Newbridge Town1668293940
3Lucan Utd1771413040
4Clontarf FC144738926
5Ballyoulster Utd175246626
6Mount Merrion164345-226
7Wayside Celtic153631521
8Rathcoole FC174049-920
9St Mochtas163139-817
10Celbridge Town203469-3514
12Leicester Celtic132346-238
13Greystones Utd182468-447
1St Francis103032730
2Ballyoulster Utd1343291424
3Greystones Utd142727024
4Bohemians FC122924522
5Castleknock Celtic112719820
6Leicester Celtic124038220
7St Ita's AFC153430419
8Peamount Utd141518-316
9Cherry Orchard122027-716
10Leixlip Utd103030015
12St Mochtas121633-177
13St Kevin's Boys142449-254
1Lucan Utd1532131930
2Belvedere FC1338201828
3Verona FC1230151527
4Greenhill's Boys1326161027
5Granada FC163528726
6Leixlip Utd112722520
7Mount Merrion163731619
8Ardmore Rovers922121018
9Sporting Greystones172835-718
11Greystones Utd131423-910
12Beechwood FC122133-1210
13St Mochtas131542-276
14Howth Celtic13847-394
1Leixlip Utd1845153045
2Lucan Utd1747113641
3Hartstown Huntstown1948272139
4Granada FC1644271734
5Beechwood FC1632201233
6Drumcondra AFC1546252131
7Wayside Celtic193328531
8Dalkey Utd1527111626
9Sporting Greystones8147718
10Greystones Utd192350-2714
11Belmont FC202355-3213
12Finglas Celtic241058-485
13Celbridge Town24866-584
1Home Farm1334102433
2Portmarnock AFC152424022
3Greystones Utd1025111419
4Knocklyon Utd1029171219
5Cherry Orchard923121116
6Dalkey Utd121724-715
7Beechwood FC101612413
8Ardmore Rovers91412213
9Esker Celtic111416-213
10Swords Celtic111127-1611
11Clarehall Celtic584410
12St Mochtas111226-149
13Bohemians FC234-13
14Celbridge Town141243-313
1Raheny Utd1745212440
2Mount Merrion1551222936
3Newlands/Castle Pk1556282834
4St Paul's Artane153022826
5Lakelands FC163728922
6Knocklyon Utd173547-1221
7Kilnamanagh AFC133332117
8Celbridge Town183050-2017
9Drumcondra AFC162851-2316
10Greystones Utd91915415
11Dundrum FC163644-815
12Shankill FC152028-815
13Lusk Utd81718-112
14Granada FC142556-316
1Dalkey Utd1444143037
2Sacred Heart1950222837
3Leixlip Utd1438102837
4Ballyoulster Utd1841291228
5Tallaght Town132526-124
6St Paul's Artane152522322
7Greystones Utd142628-221
8Raheny Utd143227519
9Cabinteely FC112332-915
10Ballyowen Celtic152339-1613
11Park Celtic141529-1412
12Portmarnock AFC11933-246
13Verona FC241353-400
1St Kevin's Boys1245192633
2Crumlin Utd1145172830
3Home Farm123728925
4Peamount Utd143024623
5Cabinteely FC1228181022
6Cherry Orchard1025151021
7Stella Maris132823520
8Mount Merrion143838019
9St Francis133235-316
10Lourdes Celtic172240-1815
11Esker Celtic122837-910
12Leixlip Utd102022-28
13Ballyoulster Utd141949-308
14Greystones Utd141850-328
1Newbridge Town1533161731
2Cabinteely FC1436171930
3St Francis1237122528
4Larkview FC1345341127
5Greystones Utd132718925
6Portmarnock AFC153636024
7Shelbourne Academy1228151323
8Finglas Utd102114719
9Leixlip Utd121424-1015
10Kilnamanagh AFC141334-2113
11Mount Merrion152635-912
12St Kevin's Boys112331-810
13Cherry Orchard132640-1410
14Arklow Town111622-69
15Lucan Utd121120-98
16Stella Maris8630-241

Section A

1St Kevin's Boys1330141629
2Cabinteely FC1225111424
3Castleknock Celtic122420422
4Cherry Orchard102017315
5Shelbourne Academy71711611
6Stella Maris111623-711
7St Francis10920-116
8Beechwood FC111540-254

Section B

1Templeogue Utd133021926
2Peamount Utd142321221
3Lourdes Celtic920101019
4Malahide Utd122822618
5Portmarnock AFC8158715
6Greystones Utd111826-813
7Leixlip Utd122630-412
8St Mochtas111032-224
1Wayside Celtic1762204239
2Blessington AFC1751213038
3Montpelier FC1341192233
4Greenhill's Boys1438281030
5Hartstown Huntstown1542222029
6Granada FC163432227
7Mountview Boys165547824
8Park Celtic122821722
9Rosemount Mulvey133127418
10Greystones Utd152441-1713
11Booth Road Celtic102327-412
12St James Athletic131743-2610
13Castleknock Celtic131744-278
14Leicester Celtic141758-414
15Mulhuddart FC122050-303
1St Joseph's Boys143883038
2Terenure Rangers1740241636
3Firhouse Carmel1338132529
4Clarehall Celtic1450262429
5Larkview FC1235171826
6Granada FC152832-423
7Broadford Rovers163037-723
8Mount Merrion163425922
9Drumcondra AFC152927222
10Cambridge Boys162738-1119
11Clontarf FC153138-718
12Stella Maris101621-510
13Verona FC151956-376
14Mid Sutton151543-285
15Greystones Utd81526-114
16Knocklyon Utd111327-144
Greystones Utd Fixtures / Results (All Competitions This Season)
Latest Results
11/0617 Sun BGreystones Utd10Verona FC
19/03U11 Sun Girls Cup (Sun 3 +4)Sheriff YC30Greystones Utd
19/03U12 Girls Cup (Div 3 + 4)Greystones Utd Div 403Rosemount Mulvey
19/03U12 Girls Cup (Div 3 + 4)Greystones Utd Div 403Rosemount Mulvey
19/0312 Sun Div 10Greystones Utd30Knocklyon Utd
18/0316 Sat Div 1Granada FC52Greystones Utd
18/0315 Sat A1Greystones Utd15Rathcoole FC
18/0313 Sat AGreystones Utd10Corduff FC
18/0314 Sat MajGreystones Utd02St Francis
18/0314 Sat CGreystones Utd12Celbridge Town
18/0312 Sat MajGreystones Utd01Home Farm
18/0312 Sat CGranada FC10Greystones Utd
18/0313 MajCherry Orchard41Greystones Utd
18/03U11 Sat Condron Cup (A & A1)Greystones Utd01St Joseph's Boys A
18/03U11 Sat Subsidiary Cup (D & D1)Ardmore Rovers D01Greystones Utd
05/0317 Sun PPeamount Utd32Greystones Utd
05/03U16 Premier Nilfisk CupBeechwood FC41Greystones Utd
05/0318 Sun ATerenure Rangers20Greystones Utd
05/0318 Sun CGreystones Utd36Howth Celtic
05/0312 Sun Div 3 GirlsGreystones Utd22Leicester Celtic
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Next Fixtures
19/0311 Sun Div12Shankill FCvGreystones UtdShanganagh Park
19/03(P)17 Sun PGreystones UtdvSt FrancisWoodlands2
19/03(P)17 Sun BGreystones UtdvPortmarnock AFCWoodlands1
19/03(P)17 Sun BSt Paul's ArtanevGreystones UtdLein Road1
19/03(P)18 Sun CHarold's CrossvGreystones UtdStanaway Park1
19/03(P)18 Sun AGreystones UtdvCastleknock CelticWoodlands1
19/039 Green SunTempleogue UtdvNewlands/Castle PkTymon Park
19/039 Green SunBroadford RoversvLourdes CelticBroadford Pk
19/039 Green SunDundrum FCvLakelands FCMEADOWVALE
19/039 Green SunEnniskerry YCvKnocklyon UtdBog Meadow Berryfield
19/03(P)9 Green SunSt MaelruansvParkvale FCBancroft Park
19/039 Green SunGreystones UtdvHarold's CrossWoodlands
19/039 Green SunGranada FCvIdleHolly Park, Blackrock
19/039 Green SunRailway UnionvWayside CelticPark Avenue
19/03(P)16 Sun PremLeixlip UtdvGreystones UtdFloody PatrickLeixlip Amm Centre1
19/03(P)16 Sun CSt Kevin's BoysvGreystones UtdWards Cross2
19/03U12 Girls Cup (Div 3 + 4)Greystones Utd Div 3vByeWoodlands
19/03U12 Girls Cup (Div 3 + 4)Greystones Utd Div 3vByeWoodlands
25/0311 Sat A1Greystones UtdvSt MochtasWoodlands
25/0311 Sat B1Greystones UtdvSt MochtasWoodlands
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