Leixlip Utd Home
17 Sun P
Leixlip Utd 0 - 3 Stella Maris 29/1
Leixlip Utd lose to Stella Maris.
10th placed Leixlip Utd were beaten at home by 6th placed Stella Maris at Leixlip Amm Centre at 11 am

Leixlip Utd
Form: L L W W L L D L

Stella Maris are currently on a winning streak of 4 games.
Form: W W W W L L W L L D

30/01/2023 07:57
14 Sun Div 4
Howth Celtic 1 - 4 Leixlip Utd 29/1
Howth Celtic despatched by Leixlip Utd.
12th placed Howth Celtic were beaten at home by 5th placed Leixlip Utd at Celtic Park at 11 am

Howth Celtic has yet to win in this competition, having lost its last 5 games.
Form: L L L L L D L L L L L D

Leixlip Utd
Form: W W L D L W D W W L W L

30/01/2023 07:57
12 Sun Div 2
Leixlip Utd 0 - 2 Terenure Rangers 29/1
Leixlip Utd suffer defeat to Terenure Rangers.
10th placed Leixlip Utd were beaten at home by 3rd placed Terenure Rangers at Leixlip Collinstown at 10:15 am

Leixlip Utd
Form: L L L D L W W W L L

Terenure Rangers
Form: W W D W D W D W L D D

30/01/2023 07:57
14 Sat B
Leixlip Utd 1 - 1 Leicester Celtic 28/1
Leixlip Utd share honours with Leicester Celtic.
4th placed Leixlip Utd were held to a 1-1 draw by 12th placed Leicester Celtic at Leixlip Amm Centre at 11:15 am

Leixlip Utd
Form: D W W W W D L W W W D

Leicester Celtic have yet to win away from home.
Form: D L W L L L D L L L

30/01/2023 07:57
12 Sat Premier
Leixlip Utd 3 - 2 Swords Celtic 28/1
Leixlip Utd take spoils against Swords Celtic.
9th placed Leixlip Utd marginally won 3-2 against their visitors, 12th placed Swords Celtic at Leixlip Amm Centre at 10:15 am

Leixlip Utd
Form: W L L L W L W L L L L D

Swords Celtic
Form: L L D D W L L W L

30/01/2023 07:57
15 Sun Div 2
Phoenix FC 2 - 1 Leixlip Utd 22/1
Phoenix FC despatch Leixlip Utd.
5th placed Phoenix FC marginally won 2-1 against their visitors, 8th placed Leixlip Utd at Martin Savage Park at 1 pm

Phoenix FC
Form: W W L W W D L D D L

Leixlip Utd are currently on a losing streak of 4 games.They have lost 5 out of 6 away games.
Form: L L L L D L D L W W L

30/01/2023 07:57
14 Sun Div 4
St Joseph's Boys 0 - 2 Leixlip Utd 22/1
St Joseph's Boys lose to Leixlip Utd.
10th placed St Joseph's Boys were beaten at home by 5th placed Leixlip Utd at Pearse Park at 11:30 am

St Joseph's Boys
Form: L W L L L L L L

Leixlip Utd
Form: W W L D L W D W W L W L

30/01/2023 07:57
SFAI Skechers Cup U16
Leixlip Utd 0 - 3 Shelbourne Academy P 22/1
Leixlip Utd beaten by Shelbourne Academy P.
Leixlip Utd were beaten at home by Shelbourne Academy P at Leixlip Amm Centre at 11:30 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

30/01/2023 07:57
17 Sun B
Greystones Utd 0 - 2 Leixlip Utd 22/1
Greystones Utd beaten by Leixlip Utd.
8th placed Greystones Utd were beaten at home by League leaders Leixlip Utd at Woodlands at 11 am

Greystones Utd
Form: L W W W D L D L L

Leixlip Utd has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won 10 out of its last 11 games.
Form: W W W W W W W W W D W

30/01/2023 07:57
12 Sun Div 2
Parkvale FC 2 - 0 Leixlip Utd 22/1
Parkvale FC take spoils against Leixlip Utd.
12th placed Parkvale FC won 2-0 against their visitors, 10th placed Leixlip Utd at Rockbrook Pk School at 10:15 am

Parkvale FC
Form: L W D L L D D D L L

Leixlip Utd
Form: L L L D L W W W L L

30/01/2023 07:57
13 Sat B
Mount Merrion 4 - 1 Leixlip Utd 21/1
Mount Merrion despatch Leixlip Utd.
5th placed Mount Merrion won 4-1 against their visitors, 4th placed Leixlip Utd at Deer Park at 1 pm

Mount Merrion
Form: D W L L D L W W W D L D

Leixlip Utd
Form: L W D W W D W W

30/01/2023 07:57
Club Summary
Goals ScoredGoals ConcededClean SheetsRed CardsYellow Cards
1Shankill FC931112023
2Cabinteely FC133527823
3Arthur Griffith Park1030141620
4Ballyowen Celtic72992018
5Corduff FC829181118
6Esker Celtic112225-314
7Leixlip Utd101927-810
8Clontarf FC82132-116
9Lakelands FC12851-431
10Dundrum FC41020-100
1Kilnamanagh AFC1241202128
2Railway Union927131419
3Lourdes Celtic628131516
4Castleknock Celtic111423-915
5Mt Merrion81515012
6Newbridge Town91927-89
7Ardmore Rovers91825-77
8Portmarnock AFC5812-44
9Clontarf FC6721-143
10Leixlip Utd5412-82
1Peamount Utd91951425
2Killegland AFC72281418
3Ballyoulster Utd112217517
4Belvedere FC8149516
5Phoenix FC101114-315
6Mourne Celtic91915413
7Beechwood FC101522-711
8Leixlip Utd111619-38
9Clontarf FC8819-116
10Belmont FC111432-186
1St Joseph's Boys1033102326
2St Kevin's Boys1031121924
3St Francis101516-119
4Crumlin Utd91611514
5Templeogue Utd91212013
6Shelbourne Academy82016411
7Belvedere FC71617-19
8Shamrock Rovers81218-68
9Portmarnock AFC91018-88
10Leixlip Utd8517-124
11Cherry Orchard10225-231
1Clondalkin Celtic103392427
2Tallaght Town1227121523
3Beech Park936152122
4Peamount Utd72952421
5Leixlip Utd928131519
6Portmarnock AFC102329-613
7Ballyowen Celtic92026-611
8Broadford Rovers112538-1310
9Harold's Cross71517-28
11Ardmore Rovers112353-304
12Beechwood FC102146-253
1Greystones Utd1236171928
2Howth Celtic1239221728
3Portmarnock AFC143731625
4Leixlip Utd1145232224
5Celbridge Town122327-419
6Castleknock Celtic112220218
7Hartstown Huntstown92017310
8St Mochtas111727-1010
9Arthur Griffith Park121837-1910
10St Francis101123-129
11Killegland AFC101623-78
12Leicester Celtic101835-175
1St Marys Boys1054292525
3Belmont FC143834425
4Raheny Utd1139152424
5Leixlip Utd123030020
6Lakelands FC831181319
7Palmerstown FC91726-912
8Granada FC102033-139
9Finglas Celtic81819-18
10St Joseph's Boys81529-143
11Phoenix FC61022-122
12Howth Celtic121950-312
1Lucan Utd134093132
2Beechwood FC1128101827
3Drumcondra AFC1242231925
4Hartstown Huntstown1330191124
5Wayside Celtic152429-522
6Granada FC113326719
7Leixlip Utd825131218
8Dalkey Utd9178914
9Greystones Utd111832-148
10Belmont FC141841-237
11Finglas Celtic131039-294
12Celbridge Town12844-363
1Lucan Utd1326121427
2Verona FC1027141321
3Granada FC132724320
4Leixlip Utd82114717
5Mount Merrion123024616
6Ardmore Rovers81811715
7Sporting Greystones132321215
9Belvedere FC8169713
10Greenhill's Boys81614212
11Greystones Utd10915-610
12Beechwood FC81121-104
13Howth Celtic9831-234
14St Mochtas101036-263
1St Francis72312221
2Ballyoulster Utd1034201420
3Greystones Utd102117420
4Bohemians FC92015518
5Leicester Celtic103632417
6Peamount Utd111315-213
7Cherry Orchard111727-1013
8St Ita's AFC102422212
9Leixlip Utd82323012
10Castleknock Celtic81917211
12St Mochtas81022-124
13St Kevin's Boys101637-213
1Shamrock Rovers114544133
2Belvedere FC92932624
3Cherry Orchard1023111224
4St Kevin's Boys71851318
5St Joseph's Boys82012815
6Shelbourne Academy91512311
7Leicester Celtic81311211
8Mount Merrion121224-1211
9Leixlip Utd121738-2110
10St Francis91423-99
11St Mochtas101228-169
12Swords Celtic91422-88
13Malahide Utd9820-124
14Crumlin Utd9734-274
1St Kevin's Boys1037132430
2Home Farm92719819
3Mount Merrion113328519
4Cherry Orchard822111118
5Cabinteely FC91912716
6Stella Maris102621516
7Crumlin Utd62491515
8Lourdes Celtic121625-914
9Peamount Utd102322113
10Leixlip Utd8191817
11St Francis81322-97
12Greystones Utd101134-237
13Ballyoulster Utd111438-245
14Esker Celtic81628-123
1Leixlip Utd1141142731
2Templeogue Utd1133191424
3Stella Maris1023111222
4Glasnevin FC932181421
5Crumlin Utd153436-220
6Killester/Donnycarney FC102617919
7Verona FC122728-119
8St John Vianney122526-119
9Railway Union122928116
10Blessington AFC132935-611
11Malahide Utd92025-58
12Lourdes Celtic101928-98
13St Kevin's Boys91227-156
14Trinity Donaghmede11947-380
1St Joseph's Boys121221032
2Cherry Orchard12113829
3Home Farm12113829
4Shamrock Rovers14105528
5St Kevin's Boys1183524
6Shelbourne Academy1497223
7Crumlin Utd1487122
8Templeogue Utd1296321
9Mount Merrion1368-216
10Swords Celtic14710-315
11Belvedere FC1167-114
12Leixlip Utd1268-214
13Lucan Utd13311-87
14St Mochtas26026-260
1Leixlip Utd113592631
2Dalkey Utd828121622
3Ballyoulster Utd133427722
4Sacred Heart1129191019
5Tallaght Town102321218
6St Paul's Artane102216616
7Cabinteely FC82218415
8Greystones Utd91619-311
9Ballyowen Celtic101831-138
10Raheny Utd82022-27
11Park Celtic111225-136
12Portmarnock AFC6419-153
13Verona FC91338-250
1St Kevin's Boys1025101523
2Raheny Utd92791820
3Terenure Rangers112718920
4Kilnamanagh AFC82112919
5Newbridge Town92617917
6St Joseph's Boys71912713
7Knocklyon Utd101622-613
8Peamount Utd81111012
9Granada FC71615110
10Leixlip Utd101823-510
11Park Celtic82130-910
12Parkvale FC10913-47
13Broadford Rovers91122-116
14Drumcondra AFC121233-215
15Phoenix FC81022-124

Section A

1St Kevin's Boys922101222
2Cabinteely FC92181320
3Castleknock Celtic91916316
4Cherry Orchard91816212
5Shelbourne Academy514869
6St Francis8815-76
7Stella Maris81119-85
8Beechwood FC91334-214

Section B

1Templeogue Utd92117416
2Malahide Utd92114715
3Lourdes Celtic7169715
4Peamount Utd101818014
5Portmarnock AFC5135813
6Greystones Utd81419-510
7Leixlip Utd91624-86
8St Mochtas7619-133
1St Francis92992022
2Newbridge Town1223121122
3Cabinteely FC924111321
4Greystones Utd924141019
5Larkview FC92923618
6Shelbourne Academy102314917
7Finglas Utd7169715
8Portmarnock AFC92626013
9Mount Merrion111925-611
10Cherry Orchard92128-79
11Arklow Town81116-57
12St Kevin's Boys101931-127
13Leixlip Utd6716-96
14Kilnamanagh AFC7620-146
15Lucan Utd7712-54
16Stella Maris6422-181
Leixlip Utd Fixtures / Results (All Competitions This Season)
Latest Results
01/0411 Sat ASt Mochtas01Leixlip Utd
29/0117 Sun PLeixlip Utd03Stella Maris
29/0114 Sun 4Howth Celtic14Leixlip Utd
28/0114 Sat MajSt Ita's AFC52Leixlip Utd
28/0114 Sat BLeixlip Utd11Leicester Celtic
28/0112 Sat PremierLeixlip Utd32Swords Celtic
22/0115 Sun Div 2Phoenix FC21Leixlip Utd
22/0114 Sun 4St Joseph's Boys02Leixlip Utd
22/01Leixlip Utd03Shelbourne Academy P
22/0117 Sun BGreystones Utd02Leixlip Utd
21/0113 Sat BMount Merrion41Leixlip Utd
21/01SFAISt Kevin's Boys M42Leixlip Utd M
21/01SFAIMount Merrion P21Leixlip Utd M
04/1217 Sun BCabinteely FC04Leixlip Utd
04/1214 Sun 4Leixlip Utd13Belmont FC
04/1215 Sun Div 2Leixlip Utd02Peamount Utd
04/1217 Sun PLourdes Celtic21Leixlip Utd
04/1216 Sun PremLourdes Celtic21Leixlip Utd
03/1215 Sat MArklow Town12Leixlip Utd
03/1215 Sat BMt Merrion20Leixlip Utd
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29/01(P)17 Sun BLeixlip UtdvTallaght TownHutton AdamLeixlip Amm Centre1
29/01SFAI Under 12 Girls National Trophy ional Trophy GirlsEnniskerry FC (NL)vLeixlip Utd 12's
29/0115 Sun Div 2Mourne CelticvLeixlip UtdClarke DesBrickfields Park1
29/0116 Sun PremLeixlip UtdvTempleogue UtdColreavy LorcanLeixlip Amm Centre2