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Competition:2154  Match:127597  DDSL

Raheny Utd beaten by St Kevin's Boys.
12th placed Raheny Utd were marginally beaten at home by 9th placed St Kevin's Boys at N0.16 St Annes Pk at 11:30 am

Raheny Utd
Form: L L W L L D W D L W L L L L D L L L L L

St Kevin's Boys are currently on a losing streak of 4 games.
Form: L L L L W W L L L W W L L L L W L W L W D

Current League Position
9St Kevin's Boys217113814-622
12Raheny Utd203314617-1112

This competition head to head
19/03/17 1:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys10Raheny UtdEllenfield Park
09/04/17 11:30 amRaheny Utd01St Kevin's BoysN0.16 St Annes Pk

Club Fixture History
07/10/17 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys40Raheny Utd13 Sat A1:
25/06/17 12:30 pmRaheny Utd42St Kevin's Boys16 Sun A:
21/06/17 6:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys13Raheny Utd15 Sat A1:
04/06/17 10:30 amRaheny Utd01St Kevin's Boys11 Sun A:
24/04/17 6:30 pmRaheny Utd10St Kevin's Boys13 Sat A1:
02/04/17 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys10Raheny Utd11 Sun A:
01/04/17 1 amRaheny Utd12St Kevin's Boys15 Sat A1:
19/03/17 11 amSt Kevin's Boys33Raheny Utd16 Sun A:
09/10/16 12:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys32Raheny Utd16 Sun Division A1
11/09/16 11 amRaheny Utd31St Kevin's Boys16 Sun Division A1

Recent Results in this competition
Raheny Utd
12/11/17 12 pmWillows FC10Raheny Utd
05/11/17 12:30 pmSt Francis10Raheny Utd
29/10/17 10:30 amEsker Celtic01Raheny Utd
15/10/17 10:30 amRaheny Utd01St Francis
08/10/17 10:30 amFinglas Utd10Raheny Utd
24/09/17 11:30 amRaheny Utd11St Joseph's Boys
St Kevin's Boys
05/11/17 10:30 amSt Kevin's Boys01Finglas Utd
29/10/17 12:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys01St Francis
15/10/17 10:30 amWillows FC10St Kevin's Boys
01/10/17 12:30 pmSt Kevin's Boys01Clondalkin Celtic
17/09/17 10:30 amMarks Celtic01St Kevin's Boys
10/09/17 11:30 amSt Kevin's Boys10Dundrum FC

Raheny UtdSt Kevin's Boys