15 Sun Div 1

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St John Bosco 3 - 0 Castleknock Celtic

St John Bosco despatch Castleknock Celtic.
League leaders St John Bosco won 3-0 against their visitors, 10th placed Castleknock Celtic at Benmadigan Road

St John Bosco have yet to be beaten at home.
Form: W W W D W W L D W L L W W W W W W W

Castleknock Celtic has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 18 games.
Form: L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L

Current League Position
1St John Bosco18132350262441
10Castleknock Celtic180018458-540

This competition head to head
Castleknock Celtic03St John BoscoPorterstown Park
St John Bosco30Castleknock CelticBenmadigan Road

Club Fixture History
23/04/22 11:30 amCastleknock Celtic05St John BoscoU13 Joe O'Leary Cup (B1 & C)
21/11/21 11 amCastleknock Celtic50St John Bosco14 Sun 6
22/02/20 11:30 amSt John Bosco40Castleknock Celtic14 Sat B1:
31/03/19 11 amSt John Bosco42Castleknock CelticYouths Sun 4 (KO 11am unless stated).
03/03/19 10:30 amCastleknock Celtic40St John Bosco13 Sun 2
06/10/18 11:30 amCastleknock Celtic15St John Bosco13 Sat B1:
21/06/18 7:30 pmSt John Bosco10Castleknock Celtic12 Sun 3:
27/05/18 10:30 amSt John Bosco10Castleknock CelticU11 (B & B1) Lee Kavanagh Cup
23/05/18 7 pmCastleknock Celtic11St John Bosco12 Sun 3:
09/05/18 7 pmSt John Bosco40Castleknock Celtic13 Sat B1:
05/11/17 11 amSt John Bosco01Castleknock Celtic16 Sun B:
22/10/17 12:30 pmCastleknock Celtic50St John Bosco16 Sun B:
08/10/17 1 pmCastleknock Celtic41St John Bosco13 Sun 3:
11/06/17 12:30 pmCastleknock Celtic01St John BoscoU12 (5 & 6) Jean Kennedy Cup
12/03/17 11 amSt John Bosco41Castleknock Celtic13 Sun 3:
27/11/16 12:30 pmSt John Bosco31Castleknock Celtic16 Sun Division A
20/11/16 11 amSt John Bosco73Castleknock Celtic13 Sun Division 4
30/10/16 12:30 pmCastleknock Celtic32St John Bosco16 Sun Division A
23/10/16 12:30 pmCastleknock Celtic43St John Bosco13 Sun Division 4
22/10/16 10:30 amCastleknock Celtic53St John Bosco13 Sat Division A
10/09/16 11:30 amSt John Bosco65Castleknock Celtic13 Sat Division A

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06/02/22 10 amSt John Bosco43St Paul's Artane
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St John BoscoCastleknock Celtic