15 Sun Div 1

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Castleknock Celtic 0 - 3 St John Bosco

Castleknock Celtic suffer defeat to St John Bosco.
10th placed Castleknock Celtic were beaten at home by League leaders St John Bosco at Porterstown Park

Castleknock Celtic has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 18 games.
Form: L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L

St John Bosco
Form: W W W D W W L D W L L W W W W W W W

Current League Position
1St John Bosco18132350262441
10Castleknock Celtic180018458-540

This competition head to head
Castleknock Celtic03St John BoscoPorterstown Park
St John Bosco30Castleknock CelticBenmadigan Road

Club Fixture History
23/04/22 11:30 amCastleknock Celtic05St John BoscoU13 Joe O'Leary Cup (B1 & C)
21/11/21 11 amCastleknock Celtic50St John Bosco14 Sun 6
22/02/20 11:30 amSt John Bosco40Castleknock Celtic14 Sat B1:
31/03/19 11 amSt John Bosco42Castleknock CelticYouths Sun 4 (KO 11am unless stated).
03/03/19 10:30 amCastleknock Celtic40St John Bosco13 Sun 2
06/10/18 11:30 amCastleknock Celtic15St John Bosco13 Sat B1:
21/06/18 7:30 pmSt John Bosco10Castleknock Celtic12 Sun 3:
27/05/18 10:30 amSt John Bosco10Castleknock CelticU11 (B & B1) Lee Kavanagh Cup
23/05/18 7 pmCastleknock Celtic11St John Bosco12 Sun 3:
09/05/18 7 pmSt John Bosco40Castleknock Celtic13 Sat B1:
05/11/17 11 amSt John Bosco01Castleknock Celtic16 Sun B:
22/10/17 12:30 pmCastleknock Celtic50St John Bosco16 Sun B:
08/10/17 1 pmCastleknock Celtic41St John Bosco13 Sun 3:
11/06/17 12:30 pmCastleknock Celtic01St John BoscoU12 (5 & 6) Jean Kennedy Cup
12/03/17 11 amSt John Bosco41Castleknock Celtic13 Sun 3:
27/11/16 12:30 pmSt John Bosco31Castleknock Celtic16 Sun Division A
20/11/16 11 amSt John Bosco73Castleknock Celtic13 Sun Division 4
30/10/16 12:30 pmCastleknock Celtic32St John Bosco16 Sun Division A
23/10/16 12:30 pmCastleknock Celtic43St John Bosco13 Sun Division 4
22/10/16 10:30 amCastleknock Celtic53St John Bosco13 Sat Division A
10/09/16 11:30 amSt John Bosco65Castleknock Celtic13 Sat Division A

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Castleknock CelticSt John Bosco