11 Sun A

Competition:3980  Match:474559  DDSL

Belvedere FC v St Joseph's Boys

13th placed Belvedere FC play host to 6th placed St Joseph's Boys at Fairview Park at 11:30 am

Belvedere FC come from a unlucky 1-0 loss away against Cherry Orchard.
Form: L L W L L L    Home Form: L L L

St Joseph's Boys has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won 4 out of its last 6 games.
Form: W W D D W W    Away Form: W W D D

Prediction: Away Win for St Joseph's Boys

Current League Position
6St Joseph's Boys642062414
13Belvedere FC610515-43

This is the first meeting of these teams in this competition
Club Fixture History
13/09/20 11:45 amSt Joseph's Boys41Belvedere FC13 Sun 3
10/11/19 1 pmBelvedere FC32St Joseph's Boys16 Sun Prem 1:
08/09/19 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys11Belvedere FC11 Sun A:
13/04/19 10:30 amBelvedere FC10St Joseph's Boys11 Sat A
07/04/19 1 pmSt Joseph's Boys10Belvedere FCU11 (A & A1) Paul Fitzgerald Cup
02/03/19 12 pmBelvedere FC40St Joseph's Boys14 Sat Premier
08/12/18 10:30 amBelvedere FC11St Joseph's Boys13 Sat Maj 1:
11/11/18 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys70Belvedere FC10 Sun A:
03/11/18 10:30 amSt Joseph's Boys40Belvedere FC13 Sat Premier:
20/10/18 11:30 amBelvedere FC21St Joseph's Boys13 Sat Premier:
13/10/18 11:45 amBelvedere FC30St Joseph's Boys14 Sat Premier:
06/10/18 12:30 pmBelvedere FC32St Joseph's Boys10 Sat A:
08/09/18 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys44Belvedere FC13 Sat Maj 1:
14/05/18 7:30 pmSt Joseph's Boys51Belvedere FC14 Sat Premier:
08/04/18 11:30 amBelvedere FC07St Joseph's Boys11 Sun A:
07/04/18Belvedere FC20St Joseph's BoysU16 Premier 1 Nilfix Cup
24/03/18 11:30 amBelvedere FC04St Joseph's Boys13 SFAI CUP
11/11/17 12 pmBelvedere FC11St Joseph's Boys15 Sat Premier 1:
04/11/17 11:45 amBelvedere FC11St Joseph's Boys13 Sat Premier:
30/09/17St Joseph's Boys03Belvedere FC15 Sat Premier 1:
06/05/17 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys22Belvedere FC13 Sat Premier:
15/10/16 11:30 amBelvedere FC51St Joseph's Boys14 Sat Division Premier
15/10/16 10:30 amBelvedere FC01St Joseph's Boys12 Sat Division Premier
24/09/16 10:30 amSt Joseph's Boys10Belvedere FC12 Sat Division Major
10/09/16 10:30 amSt Joseph's Boys11Belvedere FC12 Sat Division Premier
03/09/16 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys41Belvedere FC14 Sat Division Premier
Belvedere FC01St Joseph's Boys15 Sat P1:
St Joseph's Boys10Belvedere FC15 Sat P1:

Recent Results in this competition
Belvedere FC
02/02/20 11:30 amCherry Orchard10Belvedere FC
08/12/19 11:30 amBelvedere FC01Crumlin Utd
01/12/19 11:30 amHome Farm01Belvedere FC
24/11/19 10:30 amBelvedere FC01Lourdes Celtic
10/11/19 11:30 amBelvedere FC01Portmarnock AFC
22/09/19 10:30 amTempleogue Utd10Belvedere FC
St Joseph's Boys
02/02/20 10:30 amHome Farm01St Joseph's Boys
01/12/19 10:30 amMount Merrion01St Joseph's Boys
24/11/19 11:30 amPortmarnock AFC11St Joseph's Boys
17/11/19 11:30 amShamrock Rovers11St Joseph's Boys
20/10/19 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys10Templeogue Utd
22/09/19 11:30 amSt Joseph's Boys10Cherry Orchard

Belvedere FCSt Joseph's Boys