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Competition:4242  Match:453039  DDSL

Arthur Griffith Park despatched by Ballymun Utd.
6th placed Arthur Griffith Park were beaten at home by 2nd placed Ballymun Utd at Griffeen Valley Park at 11:45 am

Arthur Griffith Park
Form: W W L L W D D

Ballymun Utd has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W W W

Current League Position
2Ballymun Utd55001771015
6Arthur Griffith Park73222116511

This competition head to head
02/11/19 11:45 amArthur Griffith Park24Ballymun UtdGriffeen Valley Park

Recent Results in this competition
Arthur Griffith Park
07/12/19 11:30 amCorduff FC14Arthur Griffith Park
23/11/19 11:30 amGreystones Utd04Arthur Griffith Park
02/11/19 11:45 amArthur Griffith Park24Ballymun Utd
26/10/19 11:45 amVerona FC42Arthur Griffith Park
19/10/19 11:30 amArthur Griffith Park31Bluebell/Knockmitten
28/09/19 11:30 amBooth Road Celtic44Arthur Griffith Park
Ballymun Utd
02/11/19 11:45 amArthur Griffith Park24Ballymun Utd
19/10/19 12 pmBlessington AFC13Ballymun Utd
12/10/19 11:30 amBallymun Utd20Dalkey Utd
28/09/19 1 pmGreystones Utd02Ballymun Utd
07/09/19 11:45 amBluebell/Knockmitten46Ballymun Utd
Referee Statistics
Byrd Martin321958

Arthur Griffith ParkBallymun Utd